Meet Martin Spencer

Born and raised in Canada, Martin Spencer has lived far and wide throughout the country including its most northern reaches: 1,400 miles from the North Pole. He has been exposed to different lifestyles and cultures, which have widened his perspective and kept him curious. Canada has also developed his sense of adventure, and helped establish his hard work ethic, which shines through in every project he works on.

During his early career whilst studying mathematics, business and finance at university and various technical colleges, Martin began working for Ralph Lauren Retail where his eye for colour, style and textures served him well. It was here that his passion for fashion was ignited, and he established many industry contacts and private clients.

This fuelled his life-long passion and enthusiasm for fabrics, colour, style and clothing.

After his formal studies, he continued within the financial sector but he kept a small and loyal client base along the way. He also worked as a model and, owing to a creative and innovative spirit, he developed a small luxury goods importing business.

In time, Martin took the impulse and desire of the fashion and style world and moved to that full-time, without looking back. This has included work in film and television, continuing to style personal clients, and coaching. Martin himself recognizes the importance of continuing to develop personally and professionally within the fashion industry. He has kept his skillset sharp by studying at both the London College of Fashion and the London College of Style, in London, England.

Nowadays, Martin enjoys a busy schedule, working full-time with clients in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. His work includes film, television, commercials, and personal styling for a varied client base; from personal clients through to those managing complex multi-million-dollar projects with large production teams.

Overall, Martin enjoys and gets energy from designing, styling and delivering fashion for every body type, budget, personality, and purpose.

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